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January 22, 2017 11:38 AM PST

No amount of Madonna, Ashley Judd, or other unhinged incoherent celebrities will make our celebration diminished in any way. No amount of media lying, and bias also helped to elect our new President in the first place, will make our victory any less legitimate. To see our new President and his wife show grace and class inspired those that voted for him and even brought rational Democrats to Trump Tower to talk. This is our country, and it is also the country to those who lost. Unlike Obama telling Republicans to sit in the back of the bus, President Trump will negotiate what is best for all of America. Yes, he has people in his way... Schummer, McConnell, and others, but all eyes are on those that behave with a political fever opposed to open minds. Do not be silent. Do not let Democrats define this Presidency with their lies and propaganda. Speak out and defend our President, and defend the United States of America. (Also on The Marty O Radio Show a place to see Dinesh's movie of Hillary and the History of the Democrat party for free!)

January 21, 2017 11:57 AM PST

This is a Marty O Radio Show Bonus show! Not heard anywhere but on this site. Obama had said he was proud that his administration had no scandals. This Bonus show covers all scandals, and corruption, abuse. and more, that his administration did. Copy, download, this show and send it to your liberal friends! Or just keep it around for a time when one says how great Obama was. The source of this show came from a wonderful article from Grabien News. Copy and past this link if you wish to read all 730 entries. This bonus show discusses the best of them. https://news.grabien.com/story-exclusive-complete-guide-scandals-obama-administration

January 15, 2017 12:27 PM PST

The CIA may have it out for Trump as well as Left wing celebrity loons, and Congressmen and Senators, The media, and more. After so many attacks Trump is and always will be standing up tall.
He is being attacked from many sides. The Media via fake news, intelligence agencies moles giving info to the press. Loony left wing celebrities. yet, imagine if during the Oscars in 2008 or 2012, a celebrity began to verbally bash Obama on stage. Or a hundred thousand or more of Tea Party members, or Conservatives protested Obama's inauguration. Even to the point of trying to obstruct it or prevent it. Imagine if the CIA or other intelligence agencies leaked fake stories or confidential meeting details to the press to harm Obama. Oh yes, I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. In short, we would be called racists (we are anyway), We would be pegged as immature losers, cry babies, and perhaps even anti-American or anti-democracy (even though we are a Constitutional Republic). Yet it is fair game for Liberal loons to attack Trump via the same examples as above. Even to the point of one, Rosie O'Donnell, Miss "I never seen steel melt like that" [Claiming we destroyed the twin towers], that she wants Martial Law. Even Obama doing all he can to make it harder for Trump to ease into the Presidency. My particular favorite is how Liberal loons and Democrats hate Trump for wanting to build a wall, and prevent illegal immigration, but they have no problem with Obama preventing Cuban refugees seeking a new life risking their lives and families on 90 miles of unpredictable waters. Obama says you will be deported, and we hear nothing but crickets from the left. Welcome to 4 years of Fake news, Bias news at best, and even plots to impeach the 45th President of the United States of America. Do not let the left define this presidency. Speak out and be proud. God Bless January 20th, and every day for the next 4 (or eight) years.

January 08, 2017 11:54 AM PST

The unclassified report of Russian hacking has been made available. Not the classified version. I am not saying Russians did not do this, but too many odd things are afoot. 1) The CIA would not meet with Congress at Congress's request 2) Assange has no skin in the game as to our politics and said it was not the Russians. Assange eluded on more than one occasions it was disgruntled and disillusioned democrat staffers who were the leaks. 3) The FBI and other investigations were not allowed to run forensics on the servers to do their own investigations, but could only take the information from a third party security firm. Steven Pieczenik claims it was the NSA and other intelligent officers who worked with Assange for the Hillary emails. Also why the holier than though attitude that "How dare Russia try to sway our elections when we have done it ourselves over 45 times times since the late 1940's until recently against Netanyahu when the Obama administration funded a group for Netanyahu's challenger. http://www.vocativ.com/388500/election-interference-us-45-countries/ .

This is only being done to soothe Obama's pride that Trump won not because of Hillary being flawed or also against his policies for the past eight year. Thus, planting a seed in his lunatic base that Trump won because of Russian interference and not a rejection of his policies. What do you want from a man who says he has had no scandals in his administration... (Fast and Furious, IRS, EPA, VA, Benghazi, Pay for Play, and believe it or not there are over 600 others that I will be highlighting next week! All I can say for now is if there is such a concern about election interference, how about pointing fingers at the left wing media who tried there best to issue fake news about Trump. I for one am more annoyed at what is in the emails opposed to how we got them. God Bless our New President-elect and the great USA.

January 01, 2017 08:57 AM PST

The damage that Obama is doing in his last days as President has been described as making it harder for Trump to ease into the Presidency. I say it is also for another reason. By Obama "stabbing Israel in the back" (Prof. Alan Dershowitz words, not mine) as well as an attempt at sanctions toward Russia over alleged hacking of emails he A) gives his base which is liberal loons, an excuse that Trump did not win legitimately and B) The loss of Hillary which would have been Obama's pseudo third term was not due to his policies. It was due to Russia! He said he would take a loss personal. Well he is. However, this Russia allegation is too vague, mistakes in the report, and Obama speaks as it is is fact. It is not. When the facts come out, then I will retract. Until then, this stands to be the biggest fake news story all intentional due to Obama's pride. Which by the way Putin slapped down by not partaking in reacting in kind. Stating he would not stop to Obama's level as well as Trump doing a slap to Obama by stating "I always knew Putin was smart". The left wing base will fly off the handle if Trump cancels the Obama sanctions on Russia. The left believe Russia deserves this. However, I say Russia did not do it. Disgruntled Democrat staffers and the NSA may have. After all, that is what Assange and Pieczenik says, and that is more of fact then any Russia allegation we have been shown. I do not trust Obama to not present a fake report. Trump is the real Hope & Change. God Bless America and President-elect Trump.

December 25, 2016 10:02 AM PST

Perhaps it was my imagine that before and on Christmas more people have said Merry Christmas to me opposed to saying Happy Holidays. It seems as if Trump not being intimidated of saying Merry Christmas gave so many people the green light to shed the clothing of Political Correctness. How refreshing. However, Jesus's in nativity displays all across the country have been taken. A Somali refugee in Austria terrorized a children's Christmas play by jumping up on stage and yelling "Kill the infidels". While Trump said the Berlin truck attack was an act of terror against all humanity, which it certainly was, it was also an attack on Christianity. Here in lies where people should be outraged. Instead the media focuses on attacks from Trump supporters that eventually are exposed as hoaxes and constructed fake news by the perpetrators. Trump should not allow a hostile press to ask him anything. They are not out for honest answers. They are out to corner him and take him down. Yet, it is Obama who hurts our country and the press are no different than horses with blinders on. Displaying his hatred for Israel and Netanyahu by not vetoing the UN's resolutions and the dictating of Israel cease to build within their own country. Imagine if America wanted to build in, oh let's say, Montana. Imagine if China or Russia declared we were not allowed to do so. Two thousand years ago Jews and Christians were not on the best of terms. Today Christians and Jews are persecuted by Democrats and Liberals and let us not forget radical Islamics. Today, Christians and Jews are the best of allies and we need to rise as one against antisemitism and the silencing of Christianity... and it all starts with saying Merry Christmas again. Thank you President-elect Trump! and God bless America and Israel.

December 18, 2016 01:34 PM PST

Before the election Julian Assange eluded to Seth Rich, the murdered DNC staffer, as a source of leaked emails. We heard Steve Pieczenik state the emails also came from the NSA to stop HRC from being President. Yet, the left is peddling the Russians were responsible for the leaked emails. Even going as far as saying Trump told them to do it in a speech. While Trump did say that, it was a joke (To which I say Democrats do not have a sense of humor). There is no evidence of Russian hacking. Anonymous CIA agents, a vague paragraph, and Clapper stating there is no sure connection. Yet the left ran with this. It is more feasible it was from disgruntled Democrats or the NSA as Mr. Pieczenik suggested. Obama says it was investigated and over a dozen law enforcement agencies agree it was the Russians. A) Where is the investigation reports he refers to? B) what agencies agree? The left says the FBI agrees, and the right says they don't. Democrats are scrambling to monitor "Fake News" yet it just may be they are perpetrating it with this Russian alibi for losing the Presidential election. Putin says "Prove It" challenging the left and the left wing media to do so. He may know they don't stand a chance to do so because proof does not exist it was them. The CIA balked at Congress wanting to ask questions. The CIA is not cooperating with Congress. There is a red flag. Until facts are shown (Reports, and naming those who made it) I am not willing to take the leap it was the Russians. This is a Wizard of Oz scenario... Don't pay any attention to the emails behind the curtain. Look at the shiny big green Putin head on the screen before you. Obama again trying history revisionism states there is nothing interesting in the emails. There was lots! and he knows it. A maid printing state department emails, Carlos Danger's computer containing Hillary's emails. Hillary paying for Chelsea's wedding with The Clinton Foundation money, and so much more. Democrats have to blame Russia, because if it comes to light that it was the NSA or people in our own government it will be a nail in the coffin for the Democrat party. A technological Civil War, even a cyber revolution. Showing the public that even our own people in the intelligent community sees the Democrats as evil. So, blame it on the Russians, there are enough social engineered people in this country and media that will fall for it. If I am wrong and proof comes forward that Russians did this, I shall retract all I said. Listen to The Marty O Radio Show here on the405 under partners.

December 11, 2016 01:58 PM PST

Donald Trump only won because Hillary Was a woman! Oh, wait, Hillary lost because 60 million people who voted for Trump are racists! Hold on... strike that, Hillary lost because of all the fake news conservatives put out! OK, I got it now... Hillary lost because the Russians were hacking us and it affected the elections! Perhaps it was because all the Democrats in the country had a black cat walk in front of them! No doubt acquired by conservative pet owners and trained to disrupt our elections with the feline fury agents of doom! The Democrats are desperate to paint a picture that their loss had nothing to do with their ideology. That it had nothing to do with HRC's lying and past misconducts. Sadly, there are those social engineered liberals who fall for this kind of propaganda. What is so ironic is that all of their excuses sum up to fake news itself. The truth is avoided. However, as long as the Democrats can plant the seeds of doubt in the minds of the liberal loons that Trump's presidency is somewhat not legitimate perhaps then they can continue with their own ideology and not have to transform themselves to the true voters beliefs. If Star Wars was real, Democrats would be vying to acquire the force to make their liberal loon followers to believe what they say hook line and sinker... Oh wait, they already do. Trump is a positive force in this country already. Not just to the voters, but to the Military, workers who fear for their jobs, investors big and small, and this is even driving the left more batty. With every praise Trump gets, look out for more ridiculous blame games. They hate when Trump tweets because he bypasses the press and speaks directly to you! I hope he continues to do this for the next four years if only to drive the bias media crazy. And lastly, No Democrats, you are not the tolerant party you claim to be. You are proving it every day with your childish behavior. God Bless making America great again.

December 04, 2016 12:00 PM PST

Trump saves jobs and gets criticized for it. Trump talks to Taiwan and gets criticized for it. Trump scold the press and gets criticized for it. Yet, Obama doubled the debt, Obama gave ransom money to Iran, and gave them a time frame to have nuclear weapons, Obama increased racial tensions in our country, Obama told Ice and border guards let them go, and enter. And so many more things that were not for ... America first. He was never criticized by the left lunatic press. They still praise him. Trump has done positive things already as President-elect. However, the propaganda is already out there to get him. The press has not learned it is this very bias that helped elect Trump in the first place. I for one am glad he talked to Taiwan. I am glad he saved jobs at Carrier. Sorry Gov. Palin. We love ya, but you are off base in your criticism of crony capitalism. It is a template Trump is forming. However, for the Christiane Amanpour, and Don Lemon's of the news media... perhaps your companies can offer you safe places, therapy dogs, or maybe just drink more wine like Hillary is doing. Obama has ruined so much in eight years. Give Trump a chance to fix it. He is already started. God Bless America.

November 27, 2016 12:25 PM PST

There is no better example of a divided USA than the opinions of the left versus the right concerning Fidel Castro's death. Trump, Rubio, Cruz, and Ryan called the passing of Fidel Castro a passing of a monster, a tyrannical dictator, and they were correct in doing so. However, the left praised Fidel. Be it in print like the Washington Post calling Fidel a spiritual beacon, or a George Washington. Or perhaps the fawning of President Carter toward Castro. Obama chose his words carefully, but one could read through his walking on eggshells that he was sending his condolences to his family and the people of Cuba. World leaders like Trudeau and the Pope weighed in with nice words too. Depending on who you talk to it seems (generalizing) that older generations view Castro as evil, and younger generations view Castro as a sort of hero. There is a reason for this. Young liberals and democrat politicians viewed Castro's government a kind of Liberal Utopia that they want for the USA. They envy Castro's Communism. In contrast when Margaret Thatcher Passed she was ridiculed by the left. Why? She valued the liberty of the individual. This goes against those NWO types. Castro had what they wanted... full government control... Obama's dream! I stand with those who knew the horrors of the Castro regime. The torturing of dissidents. the taking critics from their families to never be seen again. The killing of those who tried to escape the prison island much in the same way you can't leave North Korea. let the left try and revise the history of Castro to reflect a folk hero. True history, not FAKE NEWS will stand the test of time. God Bless Liberty.

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