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April 02, 2017 10:34 AM PDT

Britain is enjoying a surge in their economy thanks to Brexit. America is on the brink of economic growth like we have not seen in 8 years. In contrast, Venezuela, Brazil, the EU are all experiencing tanking economies. The reason is simple: SOCIALISM SUCKS. Listen to the show to hear a man from Brazil tell the story of a great economy until Socialists were elected. The EU is nothing more than a socialism club. Not one country being socialist, but many under the always watchful eye of Brussels. Donald Trump has brought optimism into America's vocabulary again. True "Hope and Change", and for the better. Yet the evil media, and Satan's party (Democrats) and all the professors you can shake a stick at all have one mantra: "TRUMP STOLE THE ELECTION WITH RUSSIA'S HELP!" Never mind there is no evidence and yet an investigation going on since July of 2016. With Hillary's email scandal there was loads of evidence (deletions after a retaining order, smashing cell phones, etc.) and still evidence was in no shortage. Yet that was just waved away by Comey with a "Keep moving, nothing to see here" attitude. The true Russia collusion is with the Democrats. There is so much inappropriate situations. Uranium sales, Bill's lectures in Russia, Obama's open mic faux pas. The double standard is protocol when it comes to democrats. Right down to making fun of Trump's hair, but don't you dare say a thing about a Democrat's hair! Have you (republicans, conservatives) had enough of this? Time to go on the offensive instead of always being on the defensive. We need investigations into Obama on many issues, we need to reopen Hillary's email investigation the right way, we need a real Clinton Foundation investigation, and all of these not by Congress, but by the DOJ as I believe we can no longer trust the FBI. God Bless Donald Trump.

March 26, 2017 10:14 AM PDT

Comey mentioned that an investigation into Russian collusion with the Trump administration and election tampering has been ongoing since July of 2016. We have already been told by Clapper that there was no, none, nada connections to Trump, nor did it effect any election results. All that time? Hillary's Emails never got this much attention from the FBI and there was reason to prosecute. Also Assange released information that exposed our intelligent organizations can use malware to hack and leave a footprint that Russia did it. Now, take the issue of the DHS being caught hacking into Georgia's election center. Perhaps (Speculation, granted) The DHS was hacking many states but used the Russian malware, but a glitch concerning Georgia did not hide the DHS true IP address. There was to be a Congressional hearing on this matter of the DHS breaking into Georgia's election center. I hope it doesn't just fade away. Now we learn the Trump transition team and possible Trump himself could have been caught up in incidental tapping not related to Russia. The radical left media (which is almost all of media nowadays) is more upset that Trump accused Obama then who unmasked all these names. Since Obama signed Executive Order 12333 just before Trump became President, the possibility exists that any one of 17 intelligent organizations could have acquired whatever they wanted via this order through the NSA. WITHOUT WARRANTS! As Sean Spicer said to the media: (Paraphrasing) "I implore you to use your investigation skills to find out who unmasked these names." That is the true story to be told.

March 19, 2017 10:11 AM PDT

The only people saying there is no threat to Islamic Migration through the refugee programs are Liberals and Democrats. Islamic Clerics, Imams are telling us there is a goal, a plan, a strategy. Even peaceful Muslims are warning us this is happening. When Muslims in America state in Islamic meetings that Islam is not a religion of peace, but a religion of submission, Those that report on it are accused of "Hate Speach". When a Muslim causes an attack while yelling Allahu Akbar, Democrat politicians and the Radical Left media will state it had nothing to do with religion. Extreme vetted Muslims are welcome to be my neighbor, but those that may be anti-semitic, or wish to have Sharia law in America I would rather not allow them in our country. Assimilation to the America dream is a wonderful thing, to hate America while taking entitlements and our good will is a horrible thing for any civilized society. Do read the official Muslim Brotherhood 1991 document plan for America. You can find it here: https://clarionproject.org/Muslim_Brotherhood_Explanatory_Memorandum/ Again, Welcome peaceful good Muslims that will love America as you do. Do not just have an open door refugee program without knowing all we can know about who comes in. And do not let Liberal judges be our President. A president should Trump (No pun intended) all judges except the Supreme Court.

March 13, 2017 08:18 AM PDT

Nancy Pelosi said: “The first 50 days of the Trump Administration have been a train wreck of fear, incompetence and broken promises. While failing to lift a finger to create jobs, the President has enabled the abuses of his Wall Street friends, tried to make families pay more for less health care, instilled fear among immigrant communities, and allowed Russia to endanger our security." Talk about your fake news!

Trump has done more than most presidents have done in their first 50 days, he HAS created jobs, he HAS kept his promises, he HAS saved lives of future people being taken due to Human Trafficking, He has spawned a new optimism in America (Unless you are a left wing loon). However, you have 4 years left of not hearing anything good Trump does. The Chris Cuomo's of the world will not let you hear true statistics, facts, and news. If they do? It harms their own agenda. This goes with Nancy Pelosi and her ilk. If they help Trump? If they help America be great again? If the left wing media reports on that? Not only will Trump be re-elected, but one Republican after another.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders quoted Lyndon Baines Johnson recently and the quote fits Trump today more than ever: “If the president walked across the Potomac, the media would be reporting that he could not swim.”

March 05, 2017 11:39 AM PST

Democrats never worried that the Muslim Brotherhood was being placed in the Obama administration. Democrats never worried that many Democrat senators also met with Russian ambassadors. They point fingers at Republicans that they accuse of having connections with Russia to alter our elections, yet they didn't seem to mind that Ted Kennedy, Jimmy Carter and Tip O'Neil actually did turn to the Russians to try and have them help sway our elections. The Democrat's strategy is to claim Russians and Republicans are a team together. You will hear this for the next four years. Make a scandal where none exists. Sadly, there are those in the media all to eager to help Democrats perpetuate this lie. Sadly, there are those of our fellow Americans all to eager to believe this lie. Propaganda, brainwashing and Social engineering is being done right before your eyes. As soon as Trump does something good, the Shadow Government will release another fake accusation to take the good out of the news cycle. Democrats can not govern well, but they can manipulate people and the news. Just ask Mika. It is their job to control what you believe, NOT TRUMP!

February 26, 2017 12:00 PM PST

The amount of adversity that Trump is receiving, along with most, if not all who are connected to him is is paramount. Reasons stemming from political, ideological, propaganda, loyalty to Obama, and even just plain radical Liberals. Be it the media, Democrat politicians, Left wing loons throughout our nation and even some still doing Obama's bidding in many agencies. All who think they are the good guys. Trump is worse than ISIS! All social engineered for decades into believing this is an open country for anyone to come. This is a country of laws can be ignored, no ethics, no morals, just do it if it feels right for you. Any attempt Trump tries to bringing sanity to our country is met with name calling, violence, and anarchy, all because they say Trump with bring name calling, violence, and anarchy... how ironic. Watch Trump speak to Congress. I believe the Democrats will try to make it a circus with their own "YOU LIE" moments. Trump has exceeded many conservative hopes that he would accomplish much in his first 30 days and he has. No praise form the media. The social engineered lambs on the left are eating up the CNN, MSNBC, etc. false reports on how he is doing. Remember, according to Mika, It is the media's job to control you and tell you what to think. God Bless Trump and God Bless America.

February 19, 2017 12:17 PM PST

What a week! We saw a great press conference and Florida Trump event. We saw the media becoming irrelevant other than to the far left base. We saw a litany of Trump progress through his walking us through what he has done. However, we also saw what seems to be treasonous behavior by any one or more of government agencies that may have Obama-ites illegally spying and leaking information. We have heard that Obama may be forming a shadow government, and even having thousands of minions to do his protesting at town halls. We have seen RINO McCain throwing Trump under the bus while the Senator is in another country. As always, we have seen the left wing media become more violent in their rhetoric and biasness. It is now time for you, the patriots of our country to support Trump vocally loud and proud. Do not let the media and the left wing loons define him. If Trump fails, so goes the nation. I for one do not want to become The Socialistic states of America. God Bless America. - This and much more on The Marty O Radio Show

February 12, 2017 04:19 PM PST

Mix one part Nancy Pelosi, one part Maxine Waters, and add a touch of Elizabeth Warren and stir. Sprinkle in a dash of Schumer and a dollop of left wing bias media's "Fake News" and let sit for 4 years. Spread on top your choice of Soros funded protesters or non fattening liberal judges. Result: a huge amount of losses across the country in local elections right on up to Congressional seats.

The Democrats are caught between a rock and a hard place. If they work with President Trump and things improve in our country they will be seen as the ones that made things bad all along in the past 8 years. If they oppose President Trump at every turn by means of the only defense they have... Challenging in the courts, they will be, and are seen, as obstructionists. They will be seen as a Congress that does less than the Republicans did under Obama's 8 years. They have chosen the latter.

The left has their armies: The left wing media, college snowflakes, Soros funding, and politically ignorant zombie followers. Yes, they can do harm to Trump's agenda. Truth be told they are having some success against Trump with their fake news and propaganda. More so even than the Republicans did against Obama. They failed to stop Obama at every turn.

Yet, the JFK type of Democrats are waking up to see how their once proud and rational party has been taken over by lunatics with extreme negative causes. Let us pray they fail. God Bless America.

February 05, 2017 12:53 PM PST

Is History repeating itself? The far left seems to be following in the violent footsteps of Vladamir Lenin. They are followers of his ideology even if they do not know it or refuse to admit it. Here is what he said:
*Common Core-esque: Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.
*Gun Control: A system of licensing and registration is the perfect device to deny gun ownership to the bourgeoisie [The Middle Class].
*Economic dependency: The way to crush the bourgeoisie [The Middle Class] is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.
*Controlled media (MSNBC, CNN, etc.): A lie told often enough becomes the truth.
Be it rioting at a University, or an Occupy Wall street scenario the far left are those who hate Capitalism, Free Speech, and any true American value. They have been social engineered to believe America should be an open door to the world. That America is evil, and even that white people are evil. They are behaving just like the people did that rioted and protested violently due to Lenin's prodding and speeches. Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary, Obama, are very comfortable with a Cuban type of government, to which is why they admire Castro instead of calling him a murderous regime. They respect Islam's submissive style of government to which is why they import Islam and over time will be a majority in many states, not today, not tomorrow, but one day. And the far left citizenry will just capitulate and help in any way they can, even if they don't know they are crafting their own demise. God Bless our last chance of restoring America... Donald Trump, an answer to many patriots prayers.

January 29, 2017 12:44 PM PST

Mexico can say "we will never pay for the wall", but they can't prevent it from happening. Simply stated, if we have a 58 billion dollar deficit with Mexico, and President Trump renegotiates NAFTA and other trade deals that will result in lowering the deficit to zero, or even if half at 29 billion. Donald Trump just paid for the wall with money that normally would have ended up in Mexico's government banks.

A ban on countries that export and support terrorism. Obama did it, Carter did it, where were the objections then? Bannon was right, the media is our main opposition, not the Democrat party (or at least not all of them). We want to work with Democrats, but there is no getting a fair shake from the media. If President Trump cured cancer the media would complain how many people in that industry lost their jobs.

The media has challenged the President to prove his allegations of voter fraud. Yet, the proof is all in the media for the past several years. Florida with 150 thousand falsely filled out ballets in Debbie Wasserman Shultz county. That is just one country, this is a big country! and many stories of people saying their relatives may have died, but they seem to keep on voting. Or how about the lady who said in 2012 she voted for Obama 6 times and is proud of it. She ended up in jail. I wonder if she is proud of that.

These topics and more on The Marty O Show

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